Product Data Sheet | Anixter Catalog Page MIL 16878/2 (0.015 in. Wall, 1,000 V) Product Description Type C PVC Stranded conductor Applications For internal wiring of meters, panels and electronic equipment. Specifications – CONDUCTOR: Tinned copper – INSULATION: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – TEMPERATURE: -55°C to 105°C – VOLTAGE: 1,000 V MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET CAVICIDE HS QUAFRM 306 Rev.B Effective Date: June 2001 PRODUCT INFORMATION TRADE NAME: PRODUCT USE: CaviCide Disinfectant Solution MANUFACTURER: Metrex Research Corporation Metrex Research Corporation 1717 West Collins Avenue Orange, CA 92867 USA Tel: (714) 516-7400 Fax: (714) 516-7904 SUPPLIER: Metrex Research
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Product Data Sheet Your Contact: WISKA Hoppmann GmbH Kisdorfer Weg 28 · 24568 Kaltenkirchen · Germany +49-4191-508-0 · +49-4191-508-209 [email protected] · Other technical data on request / subject to change without notice 1 SX450 -1000-EO(220)-P08 Searchlight with Xenon lamp Ø 450mm 1000W 230V

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600/1000/1500SM range Product data sheet . Machine Dimensions (mm) Specifications 600SM 1000SM 1500SM Voltage 230V 50-60Hz 230V 50-60Hz 230V 50-60Hz Max Current 2.5 ...

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Mar 25, 2013 · Bridging Agent Product Data Sheet Product Description BARACARB® sized-ground marble is an acid soluble engineered sized product that can be used as a bridging agent for fluid loss applications, increasing fluid density for drill-in applications, or as part of a borehole strengthening treatment in conjunction with the WellSET™ service.

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This product and epoxy resins should not be mixed until just prior to use because a chemical reaction will take place. Read SAFETY INFORMATION before handling or using product. Revision-No. 6-03.2008 Effective March 12, 2008 Subject to appropriate storage under the usual storage and temperature conditions, our products are durable for at least ...

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nature are made with respect to this information or to any product referred to in this information. For MSDS or to consult with a technical service representative, call 1-877-KILZ-PRO. 2014 Masterchem Industries, 3135 Old wy M, Imperial, MO 3052-2834. Revised 11/015 1 of 2 INTERIOR OIL-BASE PRIMER NO. 1000 PRODUCT INFORMATION

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET. anuary 2017. Metacaulk ® 1000 Firestopping Sealant. 1. Product Description. Metacaulk ® 1000 is a one component, general purpose fire rated sealant and smoke seal for construction joints and through-penetrations. Metacaulk ® 1000 is a water based, extremely intumescent, non-sag caulking grade sealant that is easy to apply ...

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Product data sheet Rev. 3 — 20 October 2016 4 of 20 NXP Semiconductors NX3DV42 Dual high-speed USB 2.0 double-pole double-throw analog switch 9. Limiting values Table 5. Limiting values [1] The minimum input voltage rating may be exceeded if the input current rating is observed. [2] For XQFN10 package: above 100 C derate linearly with 4 mW/K. 10.

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET Part Number: C8028 Revision Level: 09 Date: 05/14/2012 1C 20 SBC FMPE OA BS, 2C 18 AWG BC PVC, SIAMESE FR-PVC JKT RG 59/U Type Coaxial & 2/C 18 AWG Siamese CCTV - Cable A. CONSTRUCTION A DIAMETERS 1) CONDUCTOR: #20 AWG Solid Bare Copper 0.032” nom.

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Powerline 1000Data Sheet PL1000 Next Generation Powerline Very fast speed—Up to 1000 Mbps. Plug-and-play Set up in minutes, no need to configure or install software. Energy-saving Automatically powers down when not in use. Latest Technology Homeplug AV2 support for Gigabit speeds through your electrical outlets for improved coverage.

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Product Data Sheet. System 1000 Resin Safety Data Sheet. 1010 Hardener Safety Data Sheet. 1025 Hardener Safety Data Sheet. System 1000 Epoxy Resin quart (#1000-A), gallon (#1000-B), and 5-gallon (#1000-C) units can be shipped via standard ground service, and by air, without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States.

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Powerline 1000Data Sheet PL1000 Next Generation Powerline Very fast speed—Up to 1000 Mbps. Plug-and-play Set up in minutes, no need to configure or install software. Energy-saving Automatically powers down when not in use. Latest Technology Homeplug AV2 support for Gigabit speeds through your electrical outlets for improved coverage.

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Hyde GUARDIAN‐US™ Product Data Sheet 1 The HG1000U system can be supplied as loose components, enabling more flexibility in terms of installation space and configuration. Technical Data Treatment Rated Capacity 1000 m3/hr Electrical Supply 380 – 690V ∙ 50/60 Hz ∙ 3 ph

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information provided in this datasheet. Edwards Ltd., registered in England and Wales No. 6124750, registered office: Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9LW, United Kingdom. GLOBAL CONTACTS A - 143 B - 141 C - 146 48 69 C - Ø70 A - Ø40 B - Ø52 WRH Measuring range 1000 – 5e-10 mbar Accuracy 1000 to 10 mbar ± 30%, 10 to 1e-8 mbar: ± 10%

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1000 AM Product Data Sheet DESCRIPTION: 1000 AM is a two component, 100% solids, semi-self-leveling epoxy coating system, manufactured with an antimicrobial additive. The antimicrobial additive protects the flooring system by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae. Product Data Sheet Schoen Nitro 1000 - 3612 v.2020-06 PRODUCT DATA SHEET SCHÖEN 1000 NITRO #3612 Part # FJS806 - 814 Last: BF -12-S02 Size Range: UK4-14 Standards: EN ISO 20345:2011 SB, P, FO, E, HRO, SRA Underfoot Comfort AS 2210.3:2019 Certificate No: CE 715872 BMP 718196 Product Description

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PROMASIL®–1000, –1000P, –1100 High performance calcium silicates PROMASIL®–1000, –1000P and –1100 are lightweight calcium silicate insulating boards. In combination with dense and light-weight refractory bricks or concrete, they are the ideal back-up lining. Due to the low thermal shock resistance the boards are not suitable PPG HI-TEMP™ 1000 VS PRODUCT DATA SHEET June 30, 2014 Revision of February 18, 2014 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS The product is for use only by professional applicators in accordance with information in this product data sheet and the applicable material safety data sheet (MSDS). Refer to the appropriate MSDS before using this material.Product Data Sheet PliaTemp™ 1000 Series Insulation Description Owens Corning™ PliaTemp™ 1000 Series Insulation is an advanced thermal insulation engineered to provide excellent heat and l ame resistance. The proprietary composition of PliaTemp™ 1000 i ber blends have a high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) and are specii cally designed to meet 4295 Catlett Rd • Midland, VA 22728 Telephone: 800.356.3072 (U.S. only) • 540.788.9026 Fax: 540.788.4856

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Versamid ® 140. Versamid ® 140 is a medium to low viscosity, reactive polyamide-based resin solution designed for use with solid or liquid epoxy resins to provide tough, chemical-resistant thermoset coating applications that cure at room temperature. Product Data Sheet EAN: ò õ ó í ò ñ î ô ï í î ò ð OVR T2 40-1000 P QS 2TAM201000R4700 î ï l í í l î ì í ô Type 2 + 3 SPD’s have characteristics of type 2 but also type 3, they are capable of discharging the currents generated by indirect lightning strikes (T2 8/20μs), but also they have a low residual Red Lion has been delivering innovative solutions to global markets since 1972 through communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking - enabling companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity.

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Product Data Sheet Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner Product Data Sheet • Page 3 of 3 • Item #41065 – 031318 • ©2018 PROSOCO, Inc. • BEST PRACTICES Apply with low-pressure sprayer, brush or heavy nap roller. Scrub heavily soiled surfaces with a nonabrasive brush or synthetic scrubbing pad. an EXTREME PRESSURE grease that protects from galling, seizing and fretting. Also this product is virtually waterproof which helps to provide excellent rust and /or corrosion protection. Normally it is suitable for operating temperatures of -65 F to +1000 F. This product is best used as a lubricant for gaskets threads, parts and gears that Product Data Sheet Description Thermafi ber ® RainBarrier® Continuous Insulation products are designed for exceptional performance in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications. Thermafi ber® RainBarrier® 45 insulation provides thermal insulation, fi re resistive characteristics, and acoustical control while effi ciently draining

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RODUCT P DATA SHEET PT-1002A-A-857_PDS_Rev. 01 5/15/2013 PT-1002 PTI THINNER DESCRIPTION PT-1002 is a specially formulated solvent blend that is not photochemically reactive. Mar 01, 2019 · Product overview. Cisco ® ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers provide a Software Defined WAN platform that aggregates multiple WAN connections and network services including encryption and traffic management, and forward them across WAN connections at line speeds from 2.5 to 200 Gbps. PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaQuick®-1000 RAPID HARDENING REPAIR MORTAR WITH EXTENDED WORKING TIME PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SikaQuick®-1000 is a one-component, rapid hardening, early strength gain, cementitious, patching mortar for concrete. SikaQuick®-1000 LD is a low dust version of this formula. USES On grade, above grade and below grade concrete ...

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET SERIES 406 PRODUCT PROFILE GENERIC DESCRIPTION Aromatic Polyurethane Hybrid COMMON USAGE A two-component, fast setting, monolithic coating designed to provide a durable polyurethane lining in a single-coat, multi-pass spray application applied with plural component equipment. This high performance coating has excellent Product Data Sheet Thermal-Grip® ci prong and brick-tie washers and Grip-Deck® ci ceramic coated screws Insulation Fasteners to attach FOAMULAR® XPS Description Rodenhouse Inc. insulation fastening systems for CavityComplete™ Wall Systems for Wood Stud with Masonry Veneer includes Thermal-Grip® ci prong washers with * The specifications and key features contained in this datasheet may deviate slightly from our actual products due to the on-going innovation and product enhancement. Canadian Solar Inc. reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to the information described he-rein at any time without further notice.

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Product Data Sheet The Tracer™ ZN524 unit is a factory-installed, commissioned direct-digital controller (DDC) for either sing le or dual water-source heat pump systems. It is capable of controllin g equipment such as; high-efficiency horizontal and vertical units, premium- horizontal and vert ical units, and console water-source heat pumps. Product* Quantity 2¾" Spiral Anchor** 500, 1000, or 2000 pieces per carton 3¾" Spiral Anchor** 500, 1000, or 2000 pieces per carton * Custom sizes and designs are available upon request. ** Spiral Anchors should be at least 1¾" longer than the thickness of the mullion cover. Thermafi ber Insolutions®

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PRODUCT DATASHEET. FerroCer 22 Superior-life wear liners ... Tel: +45 3618 1000 Fax: +45 3630 1820 E-mail: [email protected] Minerals Technology Center FLSmidth Inc. 200 600 1000 1400 1800 U L E g Kp 1.0 0.8 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.3 0.2 0.1 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100% I b Data Sheet: 720028 Fuseclips: • Catalog Number: 5591 (see data sheet ...

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PRODUCT DATASHEET . Confidex Carrier Tough Slim™ Durable tag solution for reliable plastic container and returnable transit item tracking. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION . Device type . UHF RFID / EPCglobal Gen2v2 . Operational frequency. Global 865-928 MHz . IC type . Impinj Monza 4QT. TM. Impinj Monza 4E. TM (upon special request) Memory ... PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaQuick®-1000 RAPID HARDENING REPAIR MORTAR WITH EXTENDED WORKING TIME PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SikaQuick®-1000 is a one-component, rapid hardening, early strength gain, cementitious, patching mortar for concrete. SikaQuick®-1000 LD is a low dust version of this formula. USES On grade, above grade and below grade concrete ...

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HADWAE DATA SHEET / I˜I SYSTE 2 STANDARDIZE YOUR APP DELIVERY SERVICES BIG-IP ADC appliances can simplify your network and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by offloading servers, providing a consistent set of comprehensive application services, and consolidating devices, saving management, power, space, and cooling costs in the data center. data listed here fall within the normal range of product properties. However, they are not guaranteed and they should not be used to establish material specification limits nor used alone as the basis of design. Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is marketing non-UV-stabilised polycarbonate stock shapes under the trade name PC 1000 (virgin ...

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If Versamine® C36 epoxy coatings are to be applied in confined areas, the applicator should wear an air supplied hood and other protective clothing sufficient to cover the entire body. Use only with adequate ventilation. Consult a Material Safety Data Sheet for full details before handling. Availability Versamine® C36 is supplied in 55-gallon ... Feb 14, 2019 · Product Overview The Cisco 4000 Family Integrated Services Router (ISR) revolutionizes WAN communications in the enterprise branch. With new levels of built-in intelligent network capabilities and convergence, it specifically addresses the growing need for application-aware networking in distributed enterprise sites. 34642;34643 1,2 34642 multipolymeric ^(ValidationDate) matrix Technical Data Sheet Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic Product description This is a two component titanium catalyzed inorganic ceramic copolymer.

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Title: Superwool BLANKET Product Data Sheet Author: wmevans Created Date: 9/15/2019 2:15:02 PM

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Feb 01, 2005 · >1000 h >1000 Tensile Yield Strength, @ Yield @ Break 2” (50 mm) per min. D638 Type IV psi. psi. 3200 5000 MPa MPa 22 34 Ultimate Elongation, 2” (50 mm) per min. D638 Type IV % >500 % >500 Flexural Modulus D3350 D790 psi. psi. 110,000 140,000 MPa MPa 760 960 Brittleness Temperature D746 F <-130 C <-90

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET WALL HF 1000 P 5 Core material External sheet Internal sheet Sealants MATERIALS The REX SDW WALL HF 1000 sandwich panels are produced with a high quality PIR (Polyisocyanurate) core material with a density of 40 kg/m3. The profiled external sheet is standard available in the following materials and coating systems: 1¼" to 4" (3.2 cm to 10.2 cm) 1,000/pail 5" to 11" (12.7 cm to 27.9 cm) 500/pail ... Refer to the Safety Data Sheet and product label prior to using this product ...

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET H10253 Werlatone® High Power 180° RF Hybrid Combiners/Dividers balance traditional technologies with disruptive microwave techniques. The outcome is a microwave component which provides an order of magnitude improvement over current capabilities. RTC-1000 2.5 UNIVERSAL TIME CLOCK SIMPLY ICON. QUICK. RELIABLE. SIMPLE TO INSTALL. ICON TIME SYSTEMS RTC-1000 2.5 DATA SHEET The RTC-1000 2.5 provides your small business organization, with a quick and reliable automated time and attendance solution that will instantly control labor costs by impacting your bottom line with a hassle-free pay day. p/n aa207­33­1000 product data sheet facings: .020" 2024t3 clad aluminum per qq­a­250 core: 5052­.0020­3/16­5.7 aluminum honeycomb per ams­c­7438 panels ...
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